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Robert Enslow


28 June 1974
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This is a character journal for the Law & Order RPG lawandorder_siu. I am not John Cusack, however the original character Robert Enslow is my creation. For more information about SIU, please see the community hoemepage.

Name: Robert Chapman Enslow
Age:33 (June 28, 1974)
Occupation: Attorney at Law, Partner at Granick and Melnick

Robert stands 6’2, but seems shorter, due to his unassuming, every-guy looks. His hair, short and dark-brown, is often tousled, like he just fell out of bed. He has ordinary brown eyes, but a charming, crooked smile.

Robert Enslow grew up in Greenwich, Connecticut, living what he’d tell you was a common life in the suburbs as depicted on television, in the movies, and in ads. The family had a large house, his father was a successful district attorney, and his mother a realtor - as Robert liked say, the Enslow house had “No trauma, no drama.” He and his sister joked about wanting to flee “the WASP nest,” but on the whole, despite some teenage angst, life was good. Good, that is, if you didn’t mind lectures about “being the best you can be,” and “giving back.” That could explain why Robert’s sister went to UCLA and is now a film executive noted for her lack of empathy. Meanwhile, Robert skated through Boston College, getting into Columbia Law by virtue of his LSAT scores.

That’s where he met Brian Peluso – although they came from very different backgrounds, Robert grudgingly admired Brian’s skills, and envied his drive – Brian’s desire to do things, his passion for life. Columbia is also where he encountered Professor Neil Pressman, and finally got a goal of his own. When Pressman lectured about his case against Jack McCoy, Robert was intrigued. Pressman continued to lecture on McCoy’s trials; Robert became fascinated by the way McCoy twisted the law and worked the system. He studied his methods, and studied the lawyers that defeated him and came close. Pressman, Robinette, Green – they were good. Hell, Randy “Dork” Dworkin had taken him a few times. But then he found Mark Paul Kopell. That case drew Robert in, and finally, Danielle Melnick made up his mind. McCoy was good – he was nearly the best, but he could be beaten. If someone like Melnick or Kopell, people who believed in the other side, even when they knew how dirty their clients were, could fight McCoy to a standstill, how well could he do?


Robert loves living in New York, as opposed to Connecticut. The 24/7 buzz suits him just fine. At the moment, he’s a bit of a social drifter – no close connections, but a lot of superficial ones. He loathes fundraisers, and tends to mock anyone who comes off as altruistic. He plays basketball instead of the traditional working-out.

Traits, Weaknesses, Quirks:

Robert doesn’t have very sensitive taste buds – he killed them off with chain-smoking in college and law school. Although he quit, he still gets the urge for a cigarette. His sense of smell is slightly off as well – and his cooking is severely overspiced due to this. It also means that although he goes to trendy bars and restaurants, his recommendations are often just plain wrong.